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H2Bextensions.com is the leading source for H-2B Extensions.  We work closely with employers to identify suitable candidates to fit the job description and work environment through our pool of qualified and experienced applicants in a variety of work categories: Housekeepers, Food Servers, Maintenance, Landscapers, Construction Workers, and more. We fully comply with H-2B Regulations.

H2Bextensions.com will:

  • find qualified candidates from any Nationality that meet your job description
  • collect the required documentation needed for filing on behalf of the Employer
  • arrange interviews with the Employer if requested
  • submit job offer letter to Jobseekers and follow up to receive the signed offer letter on behalf of the Employer


Additionally if you need new H-2B visa workers we can also help:

we do the following:

  • Recruit and pre-screen suitable applicants to your specifications
  • Ensure that each candidate provides an up-to-date resume, references, copy of a valid passport, photographs, medical certificate and police record
  • Service or organise your referred and/or returning applicants
  • Arrange and conduct recruiting Job Fairs
  • Arrange telephone or webcam interviews
  • Arrange ticket purchase and travel plans for workers
  • Assist candidate with obtaining their non-immigrant visa
  • Pre-departure orientation is held to educate the workers about rules and regulations, laws and customs (i.e. consequences of breaking contract, or laws, etc.) We also make an effort to properly orient applicants concerning on the job ethics, work attitudes and other information that will assist in their preparation for working abroad

Benefits of Using H-2B Workers

  • You will receive qualified workers with a “can do” attitude, who are legally permitted to work in the U.S.
  • English speaking workers who are familiar with American Culture
  • Workers are hired only when you need them – during your peak season
  • Since workers are given the opportunity to make more money in the U.S. than in their home country, workers tend to be more committed to the job
  • Workers are only allowed to work for your company – this ensures that they will work the duration of their contract
  • Workers can return year after year, thereby saving you time and money on training




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